Thursday, 25 June 2020

Spotting Fake News

Fake news can easily trick people to believe them. You can just search something up and the wrong answer could come up. Maybe double checking to see if there is another source you can use to get the
proper answer. Well if that doesn't work, make sure to look at the setting of where the picture has been
taken like look at the back round and the things around it or if it has no picture make sure to look at the
keywords they use and the emotions they are expressing in the writing. Make sure you can trust that
website, because you never know if it's a site made to hack your devices or made to make everyone
believe that their site is the one with all the facts but really... IT'S NOT!! it's really full of their own
opinions about things they believe.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Scandalous Satire

Walt: think critically about what we are reading
1 thing you can spot satire is to research things that relate to
that text. If nothing comes up then it's totally fake.
The 2nd thing to do is to take a better look at things
that they say, create and look at the pictures to see if
they look serious. the 3rd thing to do is to have a think about
if they will actually say something like that.