Tuesday, 10 April 2018

year 5/6 camp writing

Camp is really fun on the first day wednesday the 8th of march we did killer zone and pollution police against clean crushers and the most exiting thing is we won.Then we did the slip’n’slide and mrs west gave Mel the hose so he went and wet mr Somerville. Then we had morning tea under the marquee.Then we went to go prepare our tents.My buddies were Eva and Zoe.when we were allowed to stay in our tents we played pillow fight to have fun because when we were talking to each other caleb told us to be quiet because we talking not whispering and so after that we had lunch and after lunch we had practicing to do for the concert and we won 1st place mrs west was meant to give us picnic chocolates but mr goodwin never gave it to mrs west.On thursday 29th we went to freetime in the hall with roller skates,basketball,table tennis/ping pong and skate boards.After that we went kayaking me and awhina were buddies and we went on a wave and i fell off the kayak.We were nearly at the green pole but the waves took us near the big parts of clay instead.Me and Awhina were blaming until we saw the waves pushing us so we tried again and it happened got very cold so i hopped off the boat and miss west told me to stay in the water but i got even colder and everyone else got cold so we did the penguin hug and me and thazin had purple lips so we left .

Our last activity 4 the day was camp practice all the boys were mixed up,Awhina was mucking
around so we did the practice without awhina but the boys were alright

It was just a practice and on the real concert the boys did it right.

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