Wednesday, 6 June 2018

writing test

These animals are from auckland zoo,they are so clever they could talk to each other but they get distracted by flies.The animals are bunny,chickens,donkey and a bull.They are so lucky they have this wonderful zookeeper's called Mary and Jake.The zookeepers always take them for walks well not always just sometimes.When the zookeepers leave to go home the animals seem to have found somewhere to you know where it is?,it’s in the barn it’s in the zoo but a barn when they get out there cage thing they sometimes try to get out but the great thing is they are across the lane to each other or next door to each other.The rest is at the other side but we are not talking about them right now.The reason why they go to the barn because they were meant to go there but the shipping was wrong africa spelt zoo instead of barn.but they did not want to go there in the first place even though they belong there.they love the zoo more than they love the barn because they wanted to live in a zoo since they were living in the barn but it is very weird that the barn animals wanted to live in a zoo isn’t it.The next day the zookeepers told them that they could perform for the school that is going there next term but they have to perform good for the school to come ‘said the zookeeper Mary’ so the animals were practicing day after day until they got it they performed and the flies came back but all the flies were doing is to help make the show better.And the zookeeper's didn’t know how they did such a great job.The end.

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