Tuesday, 16 October 2018

My intro to term 4

Explain what you are going to be sharing in this writing: In this writing i am going to
be talking about art because this term is about art well not any type of art, cave drawing
is the goal for this term but we need to move the body like the other term was named
(move ya’ body) and it was all about athletics because we had some exercise and we
did cross country.

Based on our immersion assembly item and the inquiry name, what do
you think we are going to be learning about this term/ what do you think we will
be doing?We will be doing cave drawing for this term.
How do you feel about this term’s inquiry topic? Great and happy because i kind of
love art but my main thing at school is maths.

What are you finding challenging/difficult at school at the moment?
There is nothing that is difficult at the moment.
What do you think could help you overcome these challenges? It would help
because if i get stuck i can just look in my paragraphs.

What do you want to achieve this term/ what are your learning goals?
My learning goals is Narrative because sometimes it’s hard to think of a character
or a place to use just for the narrative
How can your teachers support/ help you with achieving these goals?
Do you think the inquiry will help you achieve your goals? How?

How do you feel looking ahead at term 4? Are you excited/ nervous?
Any other emotions? Explain why you feel this way.

Step 5: Begin writing in full sentences/ paragraphs, using the plan above to help you.
Hello, welcome to my blog, it’s term 4 now and we are happy to come back and to
have a good time with our friends while you are at it you can read it to your friends.
Anyway This term we are learning about cave drawing, cave drawing is what the people
who yous to live in the cave left some drawing so people could communicate for
people to know where they are or what they have been doing. So when they go
somewhere people could just look at it and they could see the story.

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