Monday, 20 July 2020

My holiday highlight

Last weekend, Tori, Central and I went to ice skating with Miss Shaniah and Tori's older sister Syriah. On the way to ice skating, we were talking at the back and singing a bit to the songs that were playing in the car. We were also laughing for quite a long time before we got there. When we arrived, we went inside and did everything we had to before going into the skating rink. I didn't know how to skate since I haven't been ice skating in a long time and I started getting used to it. At first I thought it was scary but it wasn't really as scary as I thought. We skated until out feet were sore and we sat down for a bit. After that they cleaned up the ice and as we were watching them clean, it was very satisfying. we then got back onto the ice and skated for a bit more. Then after we had done, we went to Sylvia Park to get something to eat. After we had ate, we went to the warehouse to get some things we needed. After that, we went and had a look at kmart. Then we went back into the car and went to the okahu bay park. Then after that we went for a drive and then we went back home.
And that was my day with them.

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  1. Hello Zyla. This blog post was amazing I loved hearing all about the fun times in your holiday. Your ice skating trip must of been really fun. I hope you had an amazing holiday and I hope your ready for school to start. Keep up the nice work.