Friday, 16 November 2018

Keyhole writing narrative.

Keyhole Narrative

WALT use a writing plan to help organise our ideas

Using the picture above, write a narrative. Be sure to use the Planning Slides and post them to your blog before you begin writing.

Start writing here: One day Victoria and her friends said to her mother “Mother can me and my friends go for a walk around the basin” And her mother replied “yes you can go but come back but sunset” okay Victoria replied. So they went to the basin but before that they saw a secret hidden place so went in and they saw this place and they did not know what it was but then they saw a stream and so patience said “why not” and Bella said “why not what” then patience said “ why not we should go into the stream because it is so hot right now. So they went into the stream and Victoria spotted a dirt patch so they went into their bags and grabbed a rope and they wanted Victoria to go up but she did not want to hold up all of her friends. So she got up and she saw a house but the thing is she could not get down but instead they got up and they cleaned up the house then they got everything they needed so Patience went to go get her parents and her friends parents so they lived up there The end.

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